Thru the years

«Gypsy Child is a stunning new album» **** Maverick Magazine (UK)

«Excellent…finely-honed, thought-provoking songs. The European Roots revolution continues– 8/10» Whispering and Hollering (Ireland)

«Just like Leone took the western and made it grittier, Lowlands have taken Americana and dusted it up and made it more believable. A fantastic album» **** BRFM (Wales)

“The band’s sound is quite unique, as in: American folk music influenced and strengthened by an Italian temperament. The repertoire has great atmosphere, as one number builds onto the other as the songs follow each other” Gondola Magazine (Hungary)

«Stomping through the grungy roots-rock and Americana landscape where bands such as Marah, Green On Red, Uncle Tupelo and even Soul Asylum are so successful» Rootsville (Belgium)

«Edward Abbiati shows that he is a songwriter of exceptional talent… a band who on this showing could have a very bright future.» 9/10 Steve Wills – Americana UK

«Drawing on the sublime aspects of Nebraska-era Springsteen, and the country-dabblings of Green On Red. It’s a Cracker!» Jeff Weiss – Miles of Music (USA)

«…A whole lot more convincing than most American Americana. With excellent, varied songs, well sung and well played, Lowlands prove that you certainly do not have to be from the US to make fantastic Americana.» ***½ Heaven Magazine (Holland)

«The strength and beauty of Edward Abbiati’s compositional talents show up in all their glory… beautiful, melancholy songs» Hugo Vogel – ALTCOUNTRY.NL (Holland)

«This CD is first rate musically. Grungy Roots rock and Americana of a really high standard!»Rootsville (Belgium)

«Beautiful, intense songs. Think of something that connects Marah, Green On Red, Uncle Tupelo and Soul Asylum» Sandra Zuidema – Lucky Dice (Holland)

«Driving, guitar-led alt-country, albeit with a harder edge than straight Americana… sparsely desolate… minor masterpieces in small-town atmospherics… emotionally-convincing…» David Kidman – NetRhythms (UK)

«Grunge on the outside, Roots on the inside… all energy» Le Cri du Coyote (France)

«Lowlands have a strong personality. A small prodigy of independent production» Paolo Carù – Buscadero Magazine (Italy)

«Authentic Roots rock… leaving a pleasantly hung over feeling and hopes for another serving.» All About Jazz (USA)