Record Store Day EP 2015

Our 3rd Record Store Day Single (after the "Woody EP" of 2012 and "Left of the Dial EP" 2013) will be in stores in Italy April 18th 2015.

This one is for our friend Nello, who sold records in Pavia for over 30 years, who was the star of our "Love Etc..." video, and looked after us, as bands and friendships were formed in his shop.

He left us on Xmas day...and of course there is no replacing him.
He always urged me to play this old Tom Waits tune...and I never did. 
So Lowlands & friends decided to record it with some of our (& Nello's) best friends:

Michel Gazich, one of Italy's greatest artists and Violin players. Michele was a close friend of Nello and played at his funeral too.

Maurizio "Gnola" Glielmo, possibly Italy's best blues guitarist and also my Neighbour.

Furio Sollazzi, one of Pavia's musical legends since the 70s where he drummed for Lucio Dalla. For the past 30 years he took a coffee with Nello every day at his store.

Joe Barreca: Bass player for the Mandolin' Brothers and one of the best guys out there.

Sergio "Tamboo" Tamburelli, Betti Verri and Claudio Raschini: backing vocals and close friends of Nello.

Andres Villani & Max Paganin: half of the "love etc..." Horn section. They lived 2 streets away from his shop.

Paolo Pieretto on guitar: The man who runs the "Da Trapani" shows every Sunday night in Pavia. Very close friend of Nello. there's a photo of Nello by the spot where he sat every sunday for the shows.

All these artists played for free on the record and the good dudes at GAIN RECORDS gave us a very sweet deal for recording and mixing this.

Last but not least, IRD, who supplied a lot of records to Nello throughout the years, with highs and lows. They decided in 30 seconds they would put this out.

There's a lot of love and some loss on this EP.

It seems only right that it comes out on a day where we can support small record stores.


"San Diego Serenade" EP will come out via IRD/ MRM records... Record Store Day 2015.

1 "San Diego Serenade" (Tom Waits) Lowlands & Friends

2 "Can't Face the Distance" (Edward Abbiati) Solo Mix

3 "Love Etc..." (Edward Abbiati) Acoustic Mix

4 "I Wanna Be" (Edward Abbiati) Acoustic Mix

5 "San Diego Serenade" (Tom Waits) Ed & Gnola original demo

The acoustic Mixes of the Love Etc... tracks donated by the generous and great Chris Peet

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