This live show recording was a labour of Love. There were professional cameras and multi track recorders in the venue that night but they were not used…for us. So we asked those in attendance to send us whatever they had shot from within the audience and off the stage (using cameras and mainly mobile phones!) We then used SBD / AUD matrix which the sound engineer that night, spontaneously decided last minute to record us (and mix, for free, for us)
So this is a bootleg, a little souvenir of a great night for us.
Feel free to share it far and wide!!
Enjoy the Show


1. Prison Bound (Social Distortion Cover) - Starts: 01:46
2. Walking Down The Street - Starts: 05:34
3. Waltz in Time - Starts: 09:33
4. Lovers & Thieves - Starts: 15:14
5. Love Etc.. - Starts: 20:30
6. Gypsy Child - Starts: 25:23
7. Ghosts in This Town - Starts: 28:54
8. Down on New Street - Starts: 32:04
9. In The End - Starts: 38:20
10. Gotta Be - Starts: 43:20

• Edward Abbiati – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
• Francesco Bonfiglio – Piano, Organ & Accordion
• Roberto Diana – Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
• Antonio "Rigo" Righetti – Bass
• Mattia Martini – Drums
• Marco Grignani – Trombone
• Max Paganin - Trumpet

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