There's a World

Edward Abbiati


The first verse was written in Asbury Park, NJ. Mid 90s. Waiting for a bus to take me back to New York after taking a walk in what, in my imagination, was a musical Camelot. The city seeemed abandoned, a ghost town and all i could feel where ghosts of the past.

The second verse was me remembering the long bus rides home when i was a kid. Looking out into the darkness, listening to music and dreaming of better places and better lives.

The third verse was written in a car, listening to my friend and musical hero, Tim Rogers, feeling, finally, in the right spot at the right time after too many years passed feeling on the wrong side of the hill.

The song is about thinking about making a change for too long...lovely organ and piano work by Joey Huffman (Soul Asylum) and wonderful backing vocals and guitar solo by our mate Chris Cacavas (Green on Red).


Gypsy Child | THERE’S A WORLD

There’s a town by the sea
Still waiting for summer to come again
The stores are boarded up
And only ghosts howl at night
The bus station is empty
Only wind passes through
You’re left with only thoughts
That leave you blue

From the bus window all you see
Are distant lights lost in the night
The road stretches on silently
Into the night
And when the storm winds blow at night
You just hold on tight

‘Cause there’s a world out there
that just won’t wait
There’s a world
That is rushing by
And you’re nowhere near to the end
And you’re nowhere near to the end

And the months roll by as we stand still
Dreaming of a world behind those hills
Days to months and months to years
Counting dreams and lonely fears

The sun turns to red
And the heat rises from the ground
The humming of the motor
Is a comforting sound
Driving down the hillside
On a soft summer afternoon
The radio plays a Tim Rogers tune
It feels like the perfect ride

It feels like 10 years ago
It feels like I could know
Where these steps are leading me
Where this road is taking me


Edward Abbiati: lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Simone Fratti: bass
Philip Ariens Mercaldo: drums
Stefano Speroni: fingerpicked guitar
Chris Cavacas: electric guitar solo, backing vocals
Mike Brenner: lap steel
Joey Huffman: piano, Hammond