Friday Night

Edward Abbiati


Friday Night...and all that comes with it! The hope and the desperation. A few pills and the city lights.

Richard Hunter's harmonica sounds like a full horn section. Simone's bass and Paolo's drumming elevate the song.

This track was mixed by Chric Cacavas (who also played keyboard on it!) and marks the beginning of our relationship with this wonderful human being and musical hero of ours!

We play this in a totally different arrangement on our acoustic shows....check out the free downloads (Live in Wales, brfm & The Radio & Kitchen Sessions)


The Last Call | FRIDAY NIGHT

There’s something in the air
The wind brushes back your hair
Step into the night
You know it’s gonna be alright
Friday Night, Just after midnight
Friday Night

Headlights tear through darkness
City lights in the distance
Loose the tiredness, Loose the weight
Forget it all Tonight
Friday Night, Just after midnight
Friday Night

Smoke in your eyes
Music fills your ears
Laughter and beers fill the hole
Don’t let go, just hold on tight
Everybody’s fine tonight
Everybody’s out tonight

Man I don’t want to argue
No I don’t want to fight
Just let me be, at least for tonight
Friday Night, Just after midnight
Friday Night

Standing in fire
Searching for the hurricane
You explode in the air
And come down in rain
Friday Night, Just after midnight
Friday Night

Edward Abbiati: vocals & acoustic guitar
Simone Fratti: bass
Richard Hunter: harp
Mike Brenner: lap & pedal steel
Chris Cavacas: keyboards
Simone Prunetti: electric guitar
Paolo Maggi: drums