The Last Call


Released 2008
Gypsy Child Records
Released 2008
Gypsy Child Records
Driving,guitar-led alt-country, albeit with a harder edge than straight Americana. Songs about pubs, cemeteries, ghosts,highways, sunsets, dark nights, deserts, blood, hope, drinking, remembering, traveling, giving up, starting again.
“The Last Call” from Lowlands has songs about pubs and cemeteries, ghosts, highways, sunsets, dark nights, skies, deserts, cities at night, blood, hope, pints, bleeding, screaming, laughing, crying, drinking, throwing up, hoping, remembering, travelling, giving up, starting again ... tales of lost love and redemption.

Lost somewhere in between the Classic (Dylan, Pogues, Waits), and the more roots inclined side of indie rock (from Steve Wynn and Westerberg to Whiskeytown) from Pavia, Italy, led by British born singer songwriter, Edward Abbiati, Lowlands emerge with a unique sound and a distinctly personal take on Roots Rock.

With Special guest appearances from Richard Hunter - One of the world's most prominent and innovative harmonica Virtuoso (whose many credits include 2 solo albums and the soundtrack to John Sayles' "City of Hope") who states 'Some of my best stuff on record', Mike 'Slo Mo' Brenner (Marah, Magnolia Electric Co., John Train) on Lap & Pedal Steel, James Cruickshank (Cruel Sea) piano and the magnificent Chris Cacavas (Green On Red, Steve Wynn) on Keyboards on “Friday Night”. Australian Rocker Nick Barker (Reptiles) duets with Ed Abbiati on the rousing rocker “In The End”.

Since it’s release in April 2008, every single track off “The Last Call” has been broadcast in various radio stations (AM, FM and Internet radios) everywhere from San Francisco to Brisbane.

Lowlands have been featured on some of the most prominent syndicated alt.country, Americana, roots music shows like “Miller’s Time”, “AmericanaOK” & “The Comfort Zone”.

Mixes by Edan Cohen, David Henry, Rod Picott and Chris Cacavas.
Mastered in Nashville by Jim Demain & Alex McCollough

Current Line Up:
Edward Abbiati: Voice & Guitars, Simone Fratti: Bass, Phil Ariens: Drums, Chiara Giacobbe: Violin, Rob Diana & Francesco Verrastro: Guitars, Ste Brandinali: Piano & whenever possible Stefano Speroni: acoustic guitar


“Edward Abbiati shows that he is a songwriter of exceptional talent. ‘The Last Call’ is an extremely good debut album by a band who on this showing could have a very bright future” Steve Wills -Americana Uk (UK)

“Drawing on the sublime aspects of Nebraska-era Springsteen, and the country-dabblings of Green On Red…It’s a Cracker!” Jeff Weiss – Miles of Music (USA)

“One of the best Roots Albums of 2008 - 7,5/10” Fabio Cerbone – Rootshighway.it / Euro Americana Chart

“An album of unusual bravery” Ben Lazar – 10th Avenue Music (USA)

“Recorded with real passion and commitment” Tom Fahey – AmericanaOK (UK)

“Driving, guitar-led alt-country, albeit with a harder edge than straight Americana (…)sparsely desolate (...) minor masterpieces in small-town atmospherics (...) emotionally-convincing (…) As a debut offering, ‘The Last Call’ has a lot to commend it” David Kidman – NetRhythms (UK)

“Lowlands have a strong personality and ‘The Last Call’ is an enjoyable listen throughout. Despite running over 50 minutes, there is never a dull moment - *** ” Paolo Carù – Buscadero Magazine (Italy)

“Don't lisen to this album if you are depressed - **** ” Maverick Magazine (UK)

“Crazy beautiful record!” Chris Cacavas (Green On Red)