“An album that will blow your mind” – Little Light House (USA)

"A work of Genius! Roots music fans are unlikely to hear a better album this year" *****  R2 Magazine (UK)

"Me and the Devil is an album that is very close to being a MASTERPIECE" - Blue Bottazzi (Italy)

 “This album is somewhat of a summit meeting of two (plus two) of the most interesting characters in Americana music today… Cracking album.. Very highly recommended. Blabber n smoke (UK)

"An album like few others today" Recommended CD ***1/2 – Buscadero (Italy)

“I just want to play it again and again.”  8 out of 10! - Whisperin and Hollerin (UK)

"The album, recorded in 5 days, is a very strong collection of songs… It has echoes of Exile on Main St, with the unorthodox recording location and songs with a sense of shambolic beauty…the variety in dynamics is impressive. This is an album well worth listening to, the marvelous result of a meeting of two kindred spirits” 7 out of 10 – Americana-UK

"A sudden epiphany. Something unique and beautiful...a miracle: ten perfect songs, not a single note is played out of place...The record sounds unusual and current immersed in an emotional dusk that shapes the whole set... Probably this will be in my top 5 at The end of 2014!" 8,5 - Come Un Killer Nella Notte (Italy)

"This album is beautiful…a killer shot that brings it all back home. A home where Rock’n’Roll lived for years before mixing it up with not always healthy contaminations. “Me and the Devil” possesses the essence and the urgency of rock music and of all its frill free folk music declinations and intriguing beauty" Mescalina (Italy)

“Magical. Night Visions, jump blues of the 40s, echoes of folk ballads, 50s rockabilly, when rock and roll still had to be imagined. Beautiful songs. Beautiful voices that challenge each other and chase themselves. Beautiful sounds, as if they had been safeguarded since the dawn of times so that an Italian and a handful of Americans coul pull them out and offer them to us as a vision, as hope, as a heart that bleeds. " Paolo Vites Red River Shore (Italy)

 “An album of stupefying beauty” - Extra Music Magazine (Italy)

“A personal album, dark and dense both in sounds and lyrics” 7,5 -  Il Mucchio Selvaggio (Italy)

“A continuous flow. Real. What songs! All beautiful ... Me And The Devil is a candidate, right now, to become one of the best releases of the year. The feeling, spontaneity and inspiration that you perceive along the way are real: a visionary dash, desolate and burning. Intriguing” - Enzo Curelli Blog (Italy)

“A perfect synthesis of a music genre that aims to be livid, with a live feel and maybe catches that spontaneity and "dirt" that an old farmhouse outside Pavia was able to give back to Edward Abbiati and Chris Cacavas” - Rootshighway (Italy)

“A rugged album, with little compromise, ever changing, for visionary minds...this little disc is one of those wicked musical works that just won’t let go of you” - JAM (Italy)

“Rough and Sincere” – Blow Up (Italy)

“ The Album represents something truly new in today’s music scene. Something that is distant light years from anything clever or sly that today’s folk music seems to require” Blogfoolk (Italy)

“Me and the Devil” is full of plot twists, one after another, like the most unpredictable Michael Crichton novel.  Every track is layered with tears, sweat and blood.  Every song is like the blow of an axe that shatters through all prejudices, expectations and hope and goes straight to the deep soul of the music.  A musical genre was labelled as Soul Music…but right now I feel this music is MY soul music. Backstreets (Italy)