"This records feels almost like it's from a different time which to me is very refreshing. It feels like a record from the 70's in that time before music got so narrowed by genre and sub genre and sub sub genre. The arrangements and the horns are really very very impressive and gives the album a weight and sense of purpose that really stands up well. It's the most fully realized Lowlands record to me, It's really a strong piece of work. " Rod Picott (Songwriter, Nashville)


"This album is fucking good. The best Lowlands yet? It’s a real good interesting record.  I put it on the stereo as I drove away from Pavia: a beautiful day, huge clouds on a wide open sky and it really struck a chord with me. All of a sudden I realized how Edward writes these songs: they are so closely linked to the place he lives in. The joy of that first listen was... everything was so fresh. The experience with Ed and leaving the place where these songs were written,  it touched me, it really touched me "  Chris Cacavas (Green on Red)


“Lowlands consistently amaze me with their shows, their spirit and tenacity. They are worthy of hard won praise and I’m honoured to have helped, even in small part, to make this incredible record. It has heart, soul and love (etc…!), coming out of every note" MG Boulter (The Lucky Strikes)


 “Too folk to be soul, too soul to be folk. This is a perfect in-betweener, with some of the best songs you'll hear for a long time” Stiv Cantarelli (SC & the Silent Strangers, Satellite Inn)


 “Love Etc… is beautiful. Full of soul. It will wrap you with its interweaving of joy and melancholy on muted tones. It has class, heart, talent…culture " Marco Diamantini (Cheap Wine) 

 “Lowlands have created an authentic and soulful record which really is a pleasure to listen to. Come the album’s conclusion, everything in life just seems a whole lot better. An utter pleasure! 8 out of 10” Tim Stokes - Americana-Uk

 “Their previous albums show a steady and progressive artistic growth, which has led them to release high quality records(..) Their latest, Love Etc… is superb”   Stefano Tognoni – Il Popolo del Blues (Italy)


"Twelve ever so personal and intimate songs ... one of Lowlands’ most original and peculiar records ... their music has never been so sincere and honest ... their most original and innovative piece of work. Another proof  of the maturity achieved by indie rock made in Italy" *** ½ Recommended Album – Mauro Zambellini - Buscadero (Italy) 


 “One of the best albums of Lowlands’ discography” Bruno Conti – Disco Club (Italy)


“Over the past few years Blabber’n’Smoke has grown to expect great things from Lowlands, (a band that has) steadily built up a fine reputation… Love etc. finds Abbiati and the band in a more reflective mood as they ponder on those old perennials, love and loss, but, as has happened elsewhere, leading to a peak in the artistic process… The end result is an album that recalls the loose limbed approach of The Basement Tapes as the band spin woozily throughout the songs with spiralling steel guitars, wheezy harmonica and parped trumpet and trombone fleshing out the sound… Above all, it’s a warm, enveloping comfort blanket of an album, one to be savoured”  Paul Kerr – Blabber’n’Smoke (UK)


“This album has "big shoulders"... You’re gonna need them if you’re going  to speak about Love with such disarming sincerity and depth.” Fabio Baietti – Off Topic (Italy)


"There is no way around it: Edward Abbiati and Lowlands just can’t stand still. Essentially this is a folk record in its deepest nature, but colored by evocative elements of Celtic soul, and even Swing music. In just six years of official recordings, Lowlands have built, a little and important story, trying each time to say something different, yet they always use the same language of Americana folk music."Fabio Cerbone – Rootshighway (Italy)


“Since 2007  Lowlands have covered quite a distance. Quite literally too. Edward Abbiati has the great ability to compose music which has no boundaries. A deeply folk album, sustained by a robust horn section which strengthens the band’s sound without affecting it’s original spirit. The Title Track “Love Etc…” is a crooked Waltz, reminiscent of Waits, which mixes Rock, Soul and Swing and turns out to be not only one of the gems of this record but of the band’s whole discography. Do all you can (and possibly something more than that!) to listen to “Love Etc…”. If you like music made and played with heart, this record will stay for a long time on your stereo” Karlo Pulici – FASE CONTRO FASE (Italy)

“Assisted  by an excellent band and with the addition of a classical and jazz horn section, Abbiati & his Lowlands assembles singer songwriter material,folk-rock and with a large horn section , as well as backing vocals , violin and cello , bringing their roots into a New Orleans club . The intimate and sentimental mood of the songs remains unchanged , but the result is a marching band with a lot of folk swing in its blood , pop harmonies , a Dixieland choreography , soul voices in one of the most different  records of their musical journey , a smart way to talk about love without succumbing to the rhetoric and whining” Mauro Zambellini – ZAMBO’S PLACE (Italy)