Gypsy Child

«Stunning new album» **** Maverick Magazine (UK)

«Excellent…finely-honed, thought-provoking songs. The European Roots revolution continues– 8/10» Whispering and Hollering (Ireland)

«Superb songs, succinct lyrics without the necessity of blowing your speakers of the wall – 7/10» Americana-uk  (England)

«Just like Leone took the western and made it grittier, Lowlands have taken Americana and dusted it up and made it more believable. A fantastic album» **** BRFM (Wales)

«Builds upon the many plaudits from around the world that its predecessor, The Last Call, received!» Rock’n'Reel Magazine (UK)

«A good and insightful album that offers at least 4/5 songs of undoubted quality» Buscadero Magazine (Italy) Recommended CD in the September Issue.

«Gypsy Child is like a storm in the northern seas and like the warmth of a mountain refuge»Mucchio Selvaggio – Fuori dal Mucchio (Italy)

«11 tracks of sincere passion. Direct and straight to the heart. No gimmicks here» La Repubblica (Italy)

“The band’s sound is quite unique, as in: American folk music influenced and strengthened by an Italian temperament. The repertoire has great atmosphere,  as one number builds onto the other as the songs follow each other” Gondola Magazine (Hungary)

«A great rock album with at least four standout tracks. A broad palette of sound and mood makes “Gypsy Child”, like a great 19th century novel, a choral album» Mescalina (Italy)                                                                                                        

«Beautiful and breathtaking. What sets this album apart is the strength and quality of the songs, each a little gem, which together make «Gypsy Child» one of the most cherished musical gifts of 2010» Backstreets.it (Italy)

«A beautiful record – not to be missed» Miapavia.com (Italy)

«Songs that tear a hole in the sky» Paolo Vites (Journalist)

«A real gem» Ermanno Labianca (Journalist and Producer)