BEYOND - 2012 (Stovepony Records)

One of Europe’s finest Roots Rock bands are back with a bang. “Beyond” rocks harder than anything they have done before R2 Magazine (UK)


A great release…led by Abbiati’s amazing songwriting, (“Beyond”) is set to propel them forwards in the UK Classic Rock Society (UK)


Beyond is an album that shows us quite some musical extremes, but ultimately feels like a considered, balanced album with lots of variety and magnificent arrangements. Lowlands is a band to keep an eye on. These are roots rocking magicians doing fascinating things. Pretty Great. An absolute must! Moors Magazine (Holland)


Beyond is a flawless album. All you need to do to realize this is just listen to the killer  one-two-three that opens the album. ‘Lovers and Thieves’, with its epic ‘chorus’ could wipe out half of Gaslight Anthem’s discography. 85/100 Disco Club 65 (Italy)


Edward Abbiati certainly knows how to tell a story, and sells it well. Overall, I found this a really enjoyable listen, and was pleasantly surprised at the depth and variety in Lowlands’ music. This is well worth getting hold of! 8/10  Whisperin’n’Hollerin (UK)


Lowlands shows us once more that we can’t ignore them and there is no reason why we should do so!! Reminding us of Wilco or even better Green on Red.. a  good album with a handful of great tracks. Produced by Joey Huffmann from Soul Asylum, the band gives away their always-flirting position with punk rock, folk and Americana. ****  Billy Bop (Belgium)


Personality and talent to sell! They are really good! Blow Up (Italy)


Lowlands are one of those rare bands that keep delivering the quality time and again.   BRFM (Wales)


Lowlands prove that they have a lot of potential even without Woody Guthrie in their ranks, serving a subtle blend of hard rocking stuff and humble folk songs. ****Muziekvenster (Germany)


The Third Lowlands album I review this year leans strongly to being their best. Ikon Magazine  (Sweden)


Lowlands are an excellent band… a furiously urgent blast of rock that recalls REM in Accelerate mode…the band show huge enthusiasm for high energy folk-infused rock (a touch of The Levellers, for example, here and there) and play with a sharp exuberance throughout…the live shows are said to be great fun and a few London gigs in February will give a British audience a chance to see what these guys are all about” Flyin Shoes (UK)


One part E Street Band, one part Richmond Fontaine… Stirring stuff. 7/10  Americana UK   (UK) 


You can feel the growth of the band in this record. It rocks harder, it has more body, it is more solid…ultimately it is yet another reason to keep on loving this band. Recommended Cd of the Month. *** ½  Buscadero (Italy) 


The quality of the songwriting, of the performances and Joey Huffman’s “yankee” production provide the album with outstanding expressive force.  Mucchio Selvaggio – Fuori dal Mucchio (Italy) 


Despite sounding melodic, the sound is combining elements of Classic Rock and Indie Pop/Rock. Sometimes laid-back and at other times rocking out, but always keen on strong melodies that stick in your head. Good Album that sounds like a mixture of the American bands producer Joey Huffman usually works with, yet with a typical European sounding singer songwriter. 8.2/10  Strutter Magazine (UK)      


The British-Italian band ‘Lowlands’ surprises heavily after ‘Better World Coming’, their excellent tribute album to folk legend Woody Guthrie. The ten songs on their latest record ‘Beyond’ are blending folk and rock music into a fresh and dynamic sound which pleases from the beginning to the end Rootstime  (Belgium)      


Lowlands prove that they have a lot of potential even without Woody Guthrie in their ranks, serving a subtle blend of hard rocking stuff and humble folk songs. ****  Muziekvenster         (Holland)


A record that will certainly cause casualties among the faithful. A record that needs attention and time to be listened to. Certainly this album stands above all their previous releases.  Mescalina  (Italy)


I argued with Beyond, I fought with this album because it wasn’t what I wanted it to be…but the love for music always prevails and my guts, the place where I reason and take all the real decisions, showed me that I had finally and totally fallen in love with it. Absolutely the best Album by Ed and Lowlands, born out of nothing, a few days, scrawny, essential, rough and edgy, fascinating and stupefying.  Backstreets.it (Italy)               


With Beyond, Lowlands have certainly reached artistically a different level. All Italian radios should be playing “Keep on Flowing” continuously if they only had any brains. Il Popolo del Blues (Italy)    


This 2012 seems to be an important year for Lowlands. If the Mayan prophecies were to be true (let’s knock on wood), Edward Abbiati’s band could boast of having reached an absolute level with two amazing record releases within the last calendar year available, with no regrets, before the imminent end of the world. Enzo Curelli Blogspot (Italy)


A beautiful and innovative album…masterpiece. MiaPavia & Strumenti Musicali         (Italy) 


An addictive album which forces us to stop and think…the melodies stick to your ears and do not want to get out. Abbiati’s lyrics fluctuate between aggression and sentimentality, where they reflect reality at times as violently as an early Charles Bukowski. Lowlands mercilessly muck about with the  typical characteristics of guitar rock, punk and folk. The band moves throughout these songs as in a dream, and all 10 songs are so closely knit “Beyond” could be considered a “concept” album Rock Times (Germany)


Lowlands have outdone themselves on this record. A tracklist that literally will glue the listener to the speakers…ten tracks, ten bright gems, ten feelings that work time, love and the endless skies of America as if you were trapped within a memorable destiny, with no chance to leave it. Rockambula (Italy)    


One of the most interesting roots rock bands to come out of Italy. A watershed album…they burn their bridges here, while firmly maintaining their roots in the past. Rootshighway (Italy)             


A multi faceted album, full of details. (The band) is ready to shake off any of the many labels that have been too often attributed to them. As they say “The future is unwritten”. 7/10 Indie Rock (Italy)