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Described by  Uk Magazine R2 as “one of Europe’s finest roots rock bands”,  Lowlands “mercilessly mix and match roots, punk, folk and rock n roll music” (Rock Times, Germany). “Roots on the inside and grunge on the outside”, according to one French reviewer.

Their sound has been compared to such diverse groups as WilcoWhiskeytownSoul Asylum and Green On Red.

Formed in Pavia, Italy by British born singer-songwriter Edward Abbiati , Lowlands have released, since their debut in 2008, 5 albums and 4 EPs and toured as far and wide as possible: from Galway to Stockholm, from London to Rome. Playing bars, clubs, theatres, pavements, markets, squares, ails and even a church and a  castle too.

“Love Etc…” their album #6 is out in October on Harbour Song Records. A 12 song folk swing album. Lowlands with horns and strings. 



The Last Call (2008)

EP Vol.1 (2009)

Gypsy Child (2010)

Fathers & Sons – With Donald MacNeill (2011)

The Woody EP  Record Store Day EP (2012)

Better World Coming (2012)

Beyond (2012)

Left of the Dial Record Store Day EP (2013)

The Low & Lucky EP (2014)

Love Etc… (2014)

San Diego Serenade Record Store Day EP (2015)


Me and the Devil (2014) Edward Abbiati & Chris Cacavas