December 3rd 1996 – London, The Borderline     

I was in the middle of a 10 year stay in London. I had recently picked up Steve Earle’s “Train a Comin’” after seeing him on the BBC with Emmylou Harris and Daniel Lanois singing his song “Goodbye”.
One song really hit me hard: Tecumseh Valley by Townes Van Zandt. I knew the name but had never really listened to him. A few weeks later he’d be playing in my favourite London venue back then: The Borderline. It was my first Townes gig and unfortunately also the last. 
Lowlands & Friends play Townes Van Zandt’s last set.
In 2012, for the 100th anniversary of Woody Guthrie’s birth, Lowlands invited friends from their local scene of Pavia and Northern Italy, and played a selection of Woody Guthrie tunes. It was a zero budget album recorded in kitchens and garages. Mainly acoustic, the album gathered excellent reviews and got played on the radio in Europe and the US, ending up on the BBC, on RTE in Ireland, Radio Poplare in Italy and even made it onto Lufthansa airplanes on their folk playlist.
In a similar vein, in 2016, Lowlands are inviting their friends, this time from further away than Pavia, reaching out to Austin,Texas and Melbourne, Australia  via Stockholm, Sweden and of course London, to play, on its 20th anniversary, Townes Van Zandt’s last ever set, that Edward Abbiati of lowlands witnessed at the Borderline on December 3rd 1996.
All songs are duets and often feature members of Lowlands pairing up with members of other bands.
This is the setlist and the guests:
01 - My Starter Won't Start (Automobile Blues...Lightning Hopkins) with Gnola Blues Band and Kevin Russell (Gourds)
02 - Loretta with Stiv Cantarelli

03 - Pancho and Lefty with The Lucky Strikes, Sid Griffin & Michele Gazich

04 - Dollar Bill Blues with Cheap Wine

05 - Buckskin Stallion with Antonio Gramentieri (Sacri Cuori) & Stiv Cantarelli

06 - Katie Belle Blue with Richard Lindgren

07 – Marie with Will T Massey                
08 - Waiting Around To Die with Chris Cacavas & Michele Gazich                                                                         
09 - A Song For with Tim Rogers
10 - Short Hair Woman Blues (Lightning Hopkins)  with Ragsy

11 - Song Of The Shrimps(Elvis Presley) with No Good Sister and Maurizio Gnola Glielmo

12 - Sanitarium Blues with Will T Massey, Tim Rogers & Rod Picott  

13 - Tecumseh Valley/Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones) with Rod Picott


14 - Colorado Girl with The Plastic Pals, Chris Cacavas & Jonathan Segel (Camper Van Beethoven)

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VIDEO: "A Song For" by Lowlands with Tim Rogers (You Am i)







 "LOVE ETC..."  



12 Brand New Songs featuring Lowlands with Mike "Slo Mo" Brenner, Richard Hunter, David Henry, Antonio "Rigo" Righetti , Andres Villani and many more...

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 "It's the most fully realized Lowlands record to me, It's really a strong piece of work. " Rod Picott

 "This album is really good. The best Lowlands yet" Chris Cacavas

“Incredible record. It has heart, soul and love (etc…!), coming out of every note" MG Boulter (The Lucky Strikes) 

 “Too folk to be soul, too soul to be folk. This is a perfect in-betweener, with some of the best songs you'll hear in a long time” Stiv Cantarelli (SC & The Silent Strangers)

 “Love Etc… is beautiful. Full of soul. It has class, heart, talent…culture " Marco Diamantini (Cheap Wine)